statny archiv v poprade spisska sobota


State Archive in Prešov – Archive workplace Poprad - Spišská Sobota

Archive Poprad-Spišská Sobota is its use for the visitors in the Genealogical tourism. It means to travel and stay in tourism destination (resorts, regions, countries), where our ancestors were born. The visitors during office hours after agreement with the employees of the archive insight into archive documents that date back to the 13th century.

The role of archives is a versatile care of archival documents, their professional and scientific processing and disclosure and use for scientific and other purposes. Care of archival documents are the collection of archival documents in the archives, download the archives from their creator, or the acquisition by their owners, their proper protection and safe storage and registration.

Urban Conservation Area Spišská Sobota

Sobotské Nám. 1736/18

Part of the town: Poprad (časť mesta)

Telephone: +421 52 773 06 40