Galéria hotela Lomnica

Gallery of Hotel Lomnica

Uniqueness of any single moment in our being as humans is formed by exceptional experiences.

In today’s world full of hustle and bustle, we would like to provide you with a little break and perhaps even a unique moment for a peaceful contemplation. In the very beginning, there was an idea to set up a picture gallery under the mighty peak of Lomnický štít. This vision then led us to the decrepit but still delightful secessionist building with an exceptional architectural style – the Lomnica hotel. Still, the desolate and run-down character of the building did not discourage us – quite the contrary – the construction left an incredibly strong impression. Moreover, this impression gradually started to transform into initially a quite heterogenous idea that, with time, was becoming increasingly clearer and more lucid. The genesis of the ideation and the related processes led to a unique project – a hotel that would simultaneously be a gallery.

The Lomnica – a secessionist building with half-timbered construction designed by the famous architect of the High Tatras, Gedeon Majunke – returns as the First Lady of the Tatras and it is a comeback well-deserved. For long years, the Lomnica was a true and genuine First Lady. It was here, where artists rubbed shoulders with the visitors and the general public of the wider region allowing them to absorb art and beauty. Today, it is our aim to convey this unique experience to you again! The First Lady of the Tatras brings you the unparalleled Lomnica gallery. In the hotel and its facilities, you will be able to enjoy gallery works of the giants of painting from the period of Austro-Hungarian empire (the fin-de-siècle era), the so-called first Czechoslovak republic as well as the post-WWII modern art predominantly by Slovak painters. In the old secessionist part of the hotel, you will be able to absorb and delight at the epic works of the fin-de-siècle – the secessionist era – painted by artists such as Ladislav Medňanský, Dominik Skutecký, Eugen Szepesi-Kuszka, Nándor Katona, Antal Neogrády, Anton Jasusch, Janko Alexy, Miloš Alexander Bazovský and others. In the modern (new) extension of the hotel, on the other hand, will impress you with gallery pieces by Milan Laluha, Mária Medvecká, Ferdinand Hložník, Vincent Hložník, Vladimír Kompánek and other artists.

Tatranská Lomnica 92, Tatranská Lomnica

Part of the town: Poprad (časť mesta)

Telephone: +421 52 285 3500