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Guided Tours to urban memorial reservation Spišská Sobota. Saint George‘s Church from the mid-12th century is the oldest building on the square of Spišska Sobota. Some fragments are still preserved from the original late Romanesque church – southern portal, peripheral walls of the nave and square tower. In the 15th century and early 16th century, the church was fitted with gothic decorations – five Gothic altars. The main altar of St. George from 1516 is the work of Master Paul of Levoča. To the left of the main altar is the oldest altar of the Virgin Mary from 1464, whose author is unknown. On the altar of St. Anthony the Hermit of 1503, you can see exceptional paintings on swing panels. Since the 17th century, the dominant feature of the church has been its organ, organ cabinet and Baroque pulpit from the workshop of P. Gross. In the vicinity of the church is a bell tower built in the years 1588-1589.

 Duration of the tour: 2 hours

 Admission: 3,50 €

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