Výstavna sien Barónka Kežmarok

Show hall Baroness Kezmarok

The house was originally a Gothic – Renaissance. Before 1669 it belonged in Havana (obviously only on the file), in 1669 he gave the lord Stephen Thököly II. his servant Adam Badányimu. His family lived here until 1973. The last descendant was Baroness Hedwig von Mary Szirmay. Badanya family gave the building rebuilt in 2.pol.18. century in the Late Baroque style at the palatial home. Since 1993, the city made available upstairs gallery and since 1996 on the ground working Kežmarok information agency.

Hlavné námestie 46, Kežmarok

Part of the town: Poprad (časť mesta)

Telephone: +421 52 4523170